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                  Pipe screw conveyor is mainly used for conveying cement concrete mixing station and fly ash material, also applies to chemical industry, metallurgy, grain processing, storage and other places, the machine helix diameter is small, high speed, large throughput, high accuracy, transfer condition.Adopts gear speed reducer drive torque, low noise, no oil leakage, long life, conveying the shell is made of high quality seamless tube, flange connection.Equipment overall good rigidity, large carrying capacity, when conveying, whether horizontal conveying, still can continuous transmission of large dip Angle, and the optional choose job position and working status, easy disassembling repair, safe and reliable.

                  高效率輸送: 采用了新型的懸掛式中間吊軸承架,增大了物料運送空間,減少了物流阻力,加上小直徑,高轉速,變螺距等設計,確保順暢,快速均勻料。
                  隨意性布置: 外殼采有優質無縫鋼管,通過法蘭將各段連接為整體,無論是水平還是大傾角均可連續輸送.可直接與配套設備連接固定,無需地基基礎,充分利用空間,移動,拆裝十分方便。
                  多元化聯拉: 進,出料口可采用法蘭連接,布袋連接,布袋吊桿連接,萬向接口連接等多種形式。
                  可靠的密封: 外殼管的連接處設置了防滲水裝置,工藝孔也經過精心改良,避免由于雨水滲入引起管內水泥結塊而造成堵料,悶機事故的生。
                  毋需添加油: 由于采用了新穎的中間軸承材料, 既能減摩,耐磨又能自潤滑,即使長期使用也 毋需加添潤滑油,可避免油脂與水泥混合對軸套,軸所產生的副作用。
                  Efficient delivery: using the new hanging in the middle of the bearing frame, increasing the material shipping space, reduce the resistance of logistics, with small diameter, high speed, varying pitch design, to ensure the smooth and quick homogeneous material.
                  Arbitrary arrangement: shell has a high quality seamless steel tube, through the flange connecting paragraphs for whole, both horizontal and large Angle can be continuous conveyor. Can be directly connected to form a complete set of equipment, fixed without foundation, make full use of space, mobile, tear open outfit is very convenient.
                  Diversified group: Feeding port, discharging mouth can use flange connection, the bag is connected, bag derrick connection, a variety of forms such as universal interface connection.
                  Reliable seal: set up a water seepage control device, the joint of casing tube hole carefully improvement, also avoid due to rain infiltration caused tube cement agglomerate plugging material, boring machine, the birth of the accident.
                  Do not need to add refueling: the adoption of novel intermediate bearing materials, already can antifriction, wear resistance and self lubricating, even if used for a long time to also do not need to add lubricating oil, can avoid oil mixed with cement to collar, negative effects of shaft.

                  Working principles
                  Pipe screw conveyor is also called the tube screw conveyor is the use of rotating screw materials will be transported along the fixed inside the casing went on to complete work.Head and tail bearing
                  moved outside shell, suspension bearing adopts the sliding bearing the dustproof sealing device, commonly used bearing shell powder metallurgy, transport cement adopts the felt pad, hoisting shaft and propeller shaft connected by sliding block.


                  (4) 承載重量大、安全可靠。
                  (1) small size, high speed, uniform to ensure fast delivery.
                  (2) good rigidity, good seal.Shell made of seamless steel tube end use flange connection into a whole.
                  (3) discharging end is equipped with cleaning device, the machine low noise, strong adaptability, in and out of the mouth position arranged flexibly.
                  (4) the weight capacity big, safe and reliable.
                  (5) strong adaptability, easy installation and maintenance, long service life.


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